This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing, as well as part of a sub-series on the technical aspects of Inbound marketing. This post is also part of another sub-series that provides information about the specific WordPress plugins I find to be useful to Inbound Marketing.

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You’ve done the necessary publishing of quality to your website that is necessary to attract your audience. You have thousands of visitors showing up every month via organic search. You’ve created a Contact Us form you want them to fill out which is what turns a website visitor into a lead.

Now you need a strong CTA (Call to Action) which is compelling enough for the website visitor to do it, AND obvious enough for them to know what you wan them to do.

MaxButtons is my preferred WordPress plugin for creating this visually obvious CTA buttons.

Does this provide an SEO advantage? Technically no. It will not help you attract your audience to your website. It is how an Inbound Marketing advantage.

Traffic does not generate sales. Strong and effective CTAs in addition to traffic create sales.

Part of your conversion strategy is:

  • Be clear
  • Be obvious
  • Make it easy

Nothing is more clear, more obvious, and easy, than a visually stunning and large CTA button at the bottom of your blog posts and at appropriate places within your landing pages.

In summary, install MaxButtons and learn how to use it. Fortunately it’s really easy!

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