This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing, as well as part of a sub-series on the technical aspects of Inbound marketing. This post is also part of another sub-series that provides information about the specific WordPress plugins I find to be useful to Inbound Marketing.

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The duplicate post plugin for WordPress does not provide you or your website any direct SEO benefit as other plugins do, but the central and core activity of Inbound Marketing is generating, scheduling, and publishing new and relevant content, anything that saves you time while doing that provides benefit to your Inbound Marketing efforts.

How does the duplicate post plugin save you time?

There is some small amount of text that is duplicated from post to post. In my case the verbiage at the top of the post where I identify where to find the lead posts in series of posts as well as the branding statement (the phrase above in italics).

I take advantage of this when I write.

When creating a new post, I duplicate (clone) the most recent post, which creates a new draft post. I then edit that draft post and:

  • Delete the image
  • Delete all text that is not duplicate
  • Update the title, the title tag, and the meta description
  • Set the schedule as to when this new post will be published
  • Schedule the post for publication

Then I do the editing of the new post, which includes:

  • Find an appropriate image
  • Find a web page appropriate for the external link
  • Write the new post
  • Identify the anchor text for the internal link and create the internal link

And that’s it.

Through that process I probably shave at least 5 minutes off the time required to create each post.

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