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When your website has on it links that for whatever reason go nowhere, it costs you a little in your search ranking. If you let this problem get out of hand, over time it can seriously damage your search ranking.

So it’s important you fix broken links fairly quickly.

But how do you know if there are any and if there are any where they are?

You use the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordsPress.

You configure how often it runs (I think the default is every 3 days, but I prefer to run it every day).

It provides you with a detailed listing of all your broken links, including what URL they go to, what the reported error is (how they’re broken) what anchor text they’re launched from, and what post or page they’re launched from).

From here you have to make a judgement as to what to do:

  • Is it likely to be a temporary or transient error? Was the server simply down when the plugin last ran?

Your main options are this point are:

  • Delete the link from the post.
  • Edit the post and find a different web page somewhere else to link to.

You do have other options, but those are the two I do most of the time. You can:

  • Delete the post from the web server.
  • Tell Broken Link Checker the link isn’t really broken (false positives do sometimes occur).

Fixing broken links is not hard, once you have the details to work with. This plugin makes it easy to have those details.

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