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How does the anti spam plugin Akismet provide SEO benefit to your Inbound Marketing efforts? helps you generate quality leads for your business through your website.

Please allow me to explain.

Good comments are good for your SEO

So what is a good comment? A good comment is one that is on topic (uses some of the same words as your post) and generate a back link to a website that is on topic.

For example, if your website is about cars, a comment that links back to a website about engines is good. A comment that links backs to a website on purses is not good. A comment that links back to a website about sex toys is really not good.

Yes, but why are bad comments bad for SEO

Because the commenting mechanism provides a back link to another website. When they leave their website URL in the field for it in your comment, that creates a ping back to their website. You want ALL links from your website to the websites of others to be links to relevant websites.

For example, this website is about Inbound Marketing. Examples of on topic websites for this website to link to are:

  • Marketing
  • Web development
  • WordPress
  • Sales process (sales funnels)
  • Conversion
  • Etc, etc

Is all SPAM bad?

Having the SPAM comments show on your website is bad. Having the spammers submit comments to your website that get blocked by Akismet is good. In fact it’s critical. Why is this?

When you first bring up a new website and start publishing content, the first people who are going to find you are the spammers. It’s what they do. It’s important they DO find you, because if they can’t, nobody can.

If you’ve been diligently posting good content to a new website for a month and the spammers have not yet found you, something is wrong and you need to figure out what it is. Have you submitted your sites sitemap to Google?

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