Integrating Content and SEO into Inbound Marketing?

You sometimes find the silliest things on the Internet. A while ago, during my daily scan of the industry news, I found an article that contains the following sentence….

… many companies are now integrating social media, search engine optimization, content and other tactics for Inbound Marketing purposes…

Saying that someone integrates search engine optimization and content into your Inbound Marketing is kind of like saying a builder integrates doors and flooring into their houses.

That article has since been deleted.

The Backbone of Inbound Marketing

The backbone of Inbound Marketing is content that is properly formatted for SEO. If you don’t do that, you’re not really doing Inbound Marketing, at least not Inbound Marketing that will work.

The basic recipe of attracting your audience to your website is…..

Publish a lot of articles and stores which are useful and interesting to your desired audience, properly format every article for good SEO, publish them at frequent intervals, and do that again and again and again and again.

You Also Need Conversion

What I’ve described above will bring your desired audience to your website. It will not encourage them to buy.

Conversion is the word we use to describe that process.

Everyone one of your customers went through a buying decision in the process of becoming your customer.

When buying a disposable pen, it’s a simple process. Someone needs a pen and they buy one.

When buying a car the decision process is much more involved and takes much longer.

You need to know what decision process your customers went through. The best way to learn this is to ask them. Once you’ve done a suitable survey (maybe 10 customers, maybe 20) look for patterns.

Then walk your website visitors through their decision process, one step at a time.

To you, this is called your sales funnel. To your customers, it’s their decision process.

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