Do Not Delete Old Content From Your Website

I found an article published on the site of an Inbound Marketing agency strongly advising you NOT to delete old blog posts from your website.

What surprised me about this article was the idea that people actually do this. For some reason they feel or think it is a good idea.

There are two reasons why it’s a very bad idea:

  1. The more posts and pages your website has, the higher it ranks. The quantity of stuff on your website is a primary search signal (the other are quality, consistency, and longevity).
  2. Some of your pages and posts have links pointing to them. Since every backlink counts, if you delete a page or post on your site that has backlinks pointing to it, you hurt your future search rankings.

What Should You Do with Old and Stale Content?

Update it!


If you’ve been publishing consistently to your website over a year you will have published hundreds if not a thousand or more posts. Some of them will be outdated. Some of them will be in need of an update.

When you update a post, you want to change more than half of it. Where did I get that number? From Bill Belew, the person who taught me the “attract your audience” part of Inbound Marketing. How do I know it to be true? Bill has learned what he knows through 8 years of trial and error and as regards attracting your audience to your website, he simply knows his stuff.

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