A recent article on a marketing website that has a large readership published a post titled:

As I pay attention to what is being said in the Inbound Marketing industry, I read this post. It irritated me.
Why? Because it doesn’t say anything you don’t already know.
Please allow me to comment on their points, one at a time.

1. Know your buyer persona

When I start working with someone I ask them three main questions:

  • What do you sell?
  • Who do you sell it to?
  • What decision process do they go through in the process of becoming your customer?

Their point #1 is my middle question. Who do you sell it to? Why does their wording irritate me? Because “buyer persona” is about as vague a phrase as one can find. The question is…. Why buys what you sell?

2. Create a marketing strategy

Again, incredibly vague. What exactly does “marketing strategy” mean. Strategy is a high level statement of what you want done. The doing of it is described by tactics. So when one tactic is “create a strategy” you know something is off kilter.

Their point #2 is my third question. How do people decide to buy from you?

For me, they first validate that the concepts of Inbound Marketing are valid. They then validate that I know what I’m talking about. Only when those two criteria are met do they buy.

3. Create interesting content

Not so bad, but not enough. Modern marketing looks like journalism. Interesting content is not enough. You define a publishing schedule, and you meet it. You schedule posts to publish on your website every day at midnight, 8 am, and 4 pm (or whatever hours work for you) and you do this EVERY DAY.

4. Interact and share with others

Again, this is strategy, not tactics. How do you best interact and share?

  • Find other relevant blogs and leave comments.
  • Install CommentLuv professional on your website so people who leave comments get backlinks.
  • Leave useful comments in LinkedIn groups and on YouTube videos.
5. Keep on top of the industry trends
My take on their point #5 is to take advantage of trending news stories, as much as you can, in the articles you publish.
And you also need to learn about link building.
SEO Needs Link Building

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