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Inbound Marketing Momentum: Keeping Your Publishing Schedule Delivers Organic Traffic

The Importance of Regular Publishing

Simple put, websites that contain fresh content rank higher. It really is that simple. You want to outrank your competition, update your website multiple times a day. Seriously.

Inbound Marketing is Journalism

If there is one single most important idea about Inbound Marketing it is that it looks like Journalism. More specifically it looks like a website full of nothing but native advertisements, which you can do when your website meets two criteria:

  • Provides stories and articles that are interesting and useful to your desired audience.
  • Your website is in fact a mean for you to sell whatever it is that you sell.

The problem with native advertising is they’re placed on newspaper websites so people think they’re impartial. Apparently about half of us never notice the little indication that the article is “sponsored” which is code for the publication having been directly paid to publish that specific story.

On your business website impartiality is not expected. Everyone knows you want to sell stuff.

But…. if every story you publish is about how great your products and services are, they will not be very useful to your desired audience. So don’t go there. Publish stuff that really is useful.

Publishing Schedules Require a Steady Stream of Fresh Stories

In the first section of this post I really did say you should update your website multiple times a day. This is much more important than it may seem at first. Search engines seem to really love fresh content, some of which (but not all) references current events.

The Myth of the Long Post Being Better

The second most important concept to understand is that contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, there is not a correlation between post length and post quality. Short posts can be high quality.

Not only that but publishing short posts multiple times a day attracts far more organic search traffic than publishing longer posts once a day.

I know this because I acted as a form of teachers aid (more of a technical support role) for an MBA level class in which this experiment was performed. Rather than me go over the details in this post, click the link below and read the article. What he says is true. I was there.

Which is Better For Content Marketing: Long-Form or Short, Regular Posts?

How to Avoid Publishing Crap

The third most important concept is to think and act like a journalist. Be on the lookout for stories.l

Load a voice recorder app on your smart phone and or carry a pocket sized notebook with you everywhere you go. When an idea for a story pops into your head (and they will multiple times a day), take a note. Later when you sit down to write, check your notes.

Understand the concept of “Thought Leadership SEO“, which is a specific post format that helps ensure what you write is interesting.

And last but not least, do not be afraid to state your opinion. Of course be prepared to backup that opinion with thoughtful analysis and reason, but please don’t just regurgitate the same old posts everyone else is. Say something.

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