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Hello I’m Kevin Carney the principal instructor of Inbound Marketing University bringing you today’s Inbound Marketing minute.

Today’s question is… “Why are small business SEO packages almost universally ineffective”?

The answer is it has to do with the economics of SEO.

There was a day when you could hire an SEO agency to look at your relatively static small business website. You had a few pages but you rarely made changes and you rarely added more.

And they would go into that website and they would make sure that all of the SEO technical settings were done properly.

And then as you made changes to your website they would go in after you and make those SEO adjustments to the new stuff that you had added. Or if you changed stuff they would make sure that you didn’t break anything.

And those packages could be done for three hundred dollars a month sometimes on up to a thousand depending upon how large your website was.

And once upon a time that was an effective strategy.

In the meantime the Internet got more crowded and Google has continuously updated their algorithm pushing all of us in the direction of, if you want to rank you have to publish content which is useful to your desired audience.

So now what it takes is the generation and the publication of content. It takes a fair amount of content, and it takes good contact.

You don’t get that for a thousand dollars a month or less.

And that’s why small business SEO packages are no longer effective.

So if you’re a small business and you can’t afford to budget the twenty five hundred dollars a month on up it takes to hire a quality agency who can make this work for you, you’re kind of left out.

You’ve got to figure out a way to do it yourself and pay mostly with sweat equity.

In fact the existence of that, I’ll call this SEO limbo zone for small businesses, is precisely why I’ve created Inbound Marketing University.

To bring the power of Inbound Marketing to small businesses who otherwise can’t afford it, and create a way for them to pay mostly with sweat equity.

So if you’re a small business, you can’t afford the $2,500 a month, you understand you need to do this, consider working with us.

We’re Inbound Marketing University

Our website is

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