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Hello I’m Kevin Carney, Principal Instructor at Inbound Marketing University bringing you

today’s Inbound Marketing minute.

Today’s question is “What is the role of social media marketing in your inbound marketing efforts?”

The first part of the question [I meant to say answer] is….. it has a role.

Even people who are die-hard Inbound evangelists,  I don’t know what the right word is, but people who like…

“If it doesn’t arrive through organic traffic it’s not worth having”. Even those people use social media and email marketing to share their blog posts.

You may or may not know about the Brightedge study and if not Google for Brightedge

One word…. B R I G H T E D G E

Brightedge 51%

Brightedge is a very large digital advertising agency. They provide services to brands like Microsoft, Adobe,  Mariott,  big brands.

So they have access to analytics across tens of thousands of web servers. Well maybe not ten’s of thousands, but thousands and thousands of web servers, and billions of  web server page loads.

And they determined that while 51 percent all traffic does come from organic search 5 percent comes from social media networking sites.

Five percent is not nothing, I mean it’s five percent.

The other advantage of social media is that by sharing your blog posts with your community, occasionally members of your community will share your blog post with their community.

And as you publish better and better stuff this happens more and more often.

It brings more eyeballs to your website, somebody may like something well enough to link to it, or comment upon it.

And when that happens it has a positive effect on your SEO your search ranking.

So social media has a supporting role in your inbound marketing efforts by giving you a means of sharing your blog post with your community and with the larger Internet.

Thank you and take care.

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