Google ranking of high quality content that is useful

How Does Google Rate Website Quality?

Below is the video transcription for those of you who prefer to read.

The take away from this Inbound Marketing Minute is that Google is looking to rank webpages that are USEFUL!

Video Transcription Follows

Hello. My name is Kevin Carney.

I’m the principal instructor with Inbound

Marketing University with an Inbound Marketing minute about how Google tags web pages in terms of their quality.

Bear with me one minute while I setup screen share.

So again…. the focus is on how Google ranks websites.

Did you know?

Google works to quantify what web pages are high-quality and they do this with human raters who have been trained in how Google wants them to rate web pages.

Google has a four-point rating system and it’s very very practical and down to earth.

The highest rating Google assigns to a webpage is….


Yes that’s right, useful.  And perhaps you can guess that the lowest rating is useless.

You gotta love how practical this rating system is.

The other two ratings are relevant and slightly relevant.

When you want your website to rank high on Google and be found, it has to contain information that is useful!

Again I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University bringing

you this Inbound Marketing minute.

Take care.

Video Transcription Ends

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