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I’m Kevin Carney, the principal instructor of Inbound Marketing University bringing you today’s Inbound Marketing Minute.

Today’s question is (and I get this question a lot) is how do you find a steady stream of topics with which to generate a steady stream of fresh content?

The best place to start generally is with the questions that customers and prospects have asked you in the past.

Each question is a blog post waiting to happen.

Next, I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters.

Every day delivered to my gmail inbox, and it’s shunted off to a special folder, I don’t want them in my inbox per se but I want them not too far away.

I receive probably 80 to 100 emails from various newsletters and Google alerts, etc, etc, and when I sit down to write I open up that folder, I scan through it, and it generally only takes me you know 3, 4, 5, emails before somebody says something that stimulates a thought in my mind, that I have an opinion about.

The third idea is… it helps to understand that Inbound Marketing looks a lot like journalism.

I used to carry a 99-cent pocket notebook with me, and in my constant quest for interesting topics about which to write, when an idea popped into my head… I had an encounter I spoke to some I saw something whatever, I would pull up my notebook to jot it down.

Later I discovered that there’s a voice recorder app on my smart phone so that serves that purpose but it’s the same idea.

Well so a combination of questions to customers and prospects have to asked you, things that other people in your industry are saying and writing about, and just a general I guess I would say never ending quest for story ideas and literally once you start looking for them you find them everywhere.

Again I’m Kevin Carney – Inbound Marketing University.

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