lead geneation via inbound marketing creates top of mind awareness at the time a consumer is interested to buy

Inbound Marketing: Lead Generation Strategy Not Technology

Inbound Marketing is a strategic way for your business to generate leads. It is NOT a technology or platform.

The basic strategy is to make it easy for your prospects to find you. No one now doubts the fact that leads from inbound sources are much cheaper to acquire than leads from more traditional outbound sources.

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The tactical steps you follow are not complex, but they are also not quick and simple:

  • Attract your audience to your website via content and publishing
  • Define and implement some number of conversion paths
  • Monitor and measure conversion path effectiveness
  • Test different conversion paths against each other
  • And keep doing this

What makes this difficult is the persistence needed to do it effectively. The examples below assumes you have a limited budget and will make use of Google Analytics because it’s free.

  • You must generate content multiple times each day
  • You must define conversion paths you then implement within your website
  • You must define conversion goals within Google Analytics
  • You must periodically monitor the effectiveness of your conversion paths.
  • When you see conversion path data, you must understand what it means, and make appropriate changes.
  • And keep doing this

When you are diligent with your efforts, they pay off handsomely.


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