Inbound marketing is where you make it easy for your prospects to find you via organic search, as compared to you having to constantly hunt for prospects.

Per a leading Inbound Marketing tool vendor, leads from Inbound Marketing are 61% cheaper than leads from outbound sources.

So what is Inbound Marketing? It’s a more professional sounding name for Blogging for Business.

The basic system is very simple:

  • Generate a lot of relevant content
  • In short snippets
  • At frequent intervals
  • For a long time
  • Such that:
    • Each post answers one question
    • Each post is properly formatted for good SEO
    • Each posts directs the reader to contact you to talk further (the Call to Action) in an effective way

Why is this so effective?

Because in order to get the attention of a human reader, you must FIRST get the attention of the search engine robots.

The short and simple recipe above (which does have more to it than JUST that) gets the attention of the search engine robots, with posts that are interesting to humans.

Remember that you are writing for a human, but must also appear to the search engine robots in order to get to the human.

What makes the system hard is not that it is hard to do. It is that it is hard to do consistency and continuously.

However consistency and longevity are critical parts of the system. A bit part of winning is keeping going after your competition has quit. So don’t quit.


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