Lead Generation vs Lead Nurturing

This post describes the differences between lead generation and lead nurturing, but first let me describe briefly what a sales funnel is.


Of all the people who see some mention of your product or service, some of them become aware (as they have some interest).

Of that group, some set of them want to learn more.

Of that group, some set of them really dig in to learn more.

Of that group, some set of them buy.

This concept of the number of people at each “layer” or “level” decreases causes us to define this as a funnel.

Lead Generation

Is the process is dropping leads into the top of the funnel. Inbound Marketing is a means of doing that through a publishing process, mostly on your website. The method is very systematized and highly structured.


A website visitors becomes a lead when they provide enough details for your to follow up with them in some way. Perhaps they downloaded a eBook, signed up for your newsletter, or perhaps filled out your Contact Us form.

Lead Nurturing

Is the process of staying touch with people who have expressed some form of interest, but have not yet bought. It is a “middle of the funnel” activity.

Have you ever saved anything in an Amazon.com wishlist? Did you subsequently receive email from them saying “It’s still here”?

That is a form of lead nurturing.

Some lead nurturing tools are very expensive (HubSpot and Infustionsoft for example) while other are significantly less expensive (X2engine and Respondr for example).

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