Compelling Content Matters

What if you get the value of Content Marketing and want the benefits, but can’t afford the $2,500 per month a good agency charges, but don’t have anyone on staff who can devote an hour or two a day to the effort?

You can find and manage remote writers. By remote I mean writers who live in less expensive parts of the world.

The basic criteria is:

  • Has an excellent command of the English language (assuming you’re publishing in English)
  • Is smart
  • Understands your market, or can easily grasp things (refer to previous bullet point)
  • Is willing to express an opinion, but knows how far to go and how not to go too far

Where do You Find Good Remote Writers?

When my need for inexpensive remote writers was acute, I asked myself where I was most likely to find writers who meet the criteria above. I did a Google search for countries where English is an official language and quickly realized the answer, which panned out.

The Upside of European Colonialism

What I’m about to say probably works in languages other then English, but my focus was English.

England would colonize a location by drawing an arbitrary political boundary around a group of peoples who did not have common traditions, cultures, or languages. As such, the things that unified the country were very English.

  • The English language
  • The English school system
  • The English way of running things

As the British Empire fell apart, the political boundaries they created mostly stayed intact.

Some important aspects of Brutishness also stayed intact.

  • English proficiency
  • Valuing education

OK, So Where?

First let me say where not. For reasons I fail to understand, while India certainly fits the criteria above, for reasons I do not understand, English language proficiency amongst potential writers in India is very poor. I tried it. It didn’t work. I tried it again. It still didn’t work. I finally gave up.

Where it has been working for me is Africa. Specially Kenya and Nigeria.

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