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Content and Inbound Marketing Require Good Ad Copy

Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | Use Good Ad Copy

The use of good ad copy starts in what YOU display on the SERP.

For your inbound marketing campaign (also known as content marketing) you are both a writer and an ad man (or woman).

You need to use good ad copy in your articles.

You may be thinking ad copy is meaningful for paid ads, and content marketing is to attract organic traffic, and you are right.

However….. the basic principals of good ad copy are needed in content marketing as well as in paid advertising.

These phrases all mean the same thing: Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

For  more information on how you do content marketing, click on any of the links in the prior sentence.


When your page shows up in a search engine result page (SERP) as shown on the embedded image, you FINALLY wrote something that is seen by a person. Up to then, your only “reader” has been the search engine spiders.

You want the web user to select your page over that of another person and you have a limited number of characters in which to get their attention.

This is where using good ad copy for your inbound marketing efforts comes into play.

In the SERP the user is presented with the title you’ve selected and the description you’ve selected.

The most important point here is “that you’ve selected”.

This is where using good ad copy comes in.

For information on what you say, read the next article.

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