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Inbound Marketing Blog Post Titles are Critical to SEO Success

You know your choice of blog post title is critical to the success of your SEO efforts.

Although there are a lot of aspects to a perfect blog post from a search or SEO perspective, if you only focus on one of them, focus on selecting excellent titles.

Blog post titles are so critically important to your SEO (aka Inbound Marketing, aka Social Media Marketing, aka Content Marketing) efforts because the search engine robots give them important.

In the words of Google, I’m certain they are a primary search signal.

What makes for a good title?

Long blog post titles are better

As defined the title is no more than 70 characters, which is 7 to 8 words. Use as many of them as you can without going over. Try to avoid using the same word twice. What you want is variety and diversity of relevant words while keeping the title linguistically and grammatically correct. The more words you use, the more combinations of words you will match.

Be enticing

Your title is a headline. Be enticing. Imply a promise. Imply a benefit.

How to

How to is always a good start for a title. The title for this post could have been “”How to create blog post titles for effective SEO” or something similar.

We love numbers

5 best…

7 top….

4 most effective…

You get the point. Why the human mind goes for this may be understood by some (which includes me), but even if you don’t understand why this works, do yourself a favor and use it.


When your business needs more web traffic, more leads, and more business…

SEO Needs Link Building



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