Slow and Steady Wins at Inbound Marketing

Slow and steady absolutely wins the race.

Living in an age of instant gratification is terrible training for Inbound Marketing. Yes you want quality leads and yes you want them now. Fortunately or otherwise what works best is slow and steady.

What are the two most important things you need to do when marketing your business through Inbound Marketing?

  1. Write and publish stories and articles that are interesting and useful to your desired audience.
  2. Share the best of those stories with others.


It’s important to publish in such as a way as to get the attention of the search engines.

What you do is:

  • Publish a lot of fairly short focused posts where each post answers one question or addresses one main idea.
  • Publish at regular intervals (every 6 hours, every 8 hours, every 12 hours, at an absolute minimum, once a day).
  • Keep publishing until your website has gotten out of the Google Sandbox.
  • Format each post for good SEO.


The single most important thing about sharing is to share your best stuff. But first you must write your best stuff. Learning to write is a skill, like any other, that you learn through practice.

Please don’t be offended at this next comment, but your first 100 posts are going to be bad. Don’t worry about it. This is true of all of us. What matters is you keep writing. With practice you’ll improve.

If you’re publishing 3 posts a day, that means it will be at least a month before you publishing anything worth sharing. Do not let this slow you down.

Methods of Sharing

The easiest and quickest is to share via social media connections. They are also the least valuable as they do not provide backlinks to help your search rankings.

What does help your search ranking is writing for other publications, such that the articles you write for them contain links back to your website, whether they be in the body of the articles or in the authors bio.

However…. that does not happen overnight.

You start by asking small less known publications if they would like you to write for them. The portfolio of articles you show them to demonstrate you can write is what you’ve previously published on your website. That takes us back to getting started and persevering.

An out line of your progression will be something like:

  • Publish posts to your website that are of whatever quality they are. Just start.
  • Get better. Publish better stuff.
  • Keep going.
  • Approach small websites in your industry asking if you can write some for them.
  • After some time, approach larger websites in your industry.

I’ve spoken to some people who know write for and who obtained those writing opportunities through the process shown above.

After months and maybe a few years of doing this, one day you’ll become an overnight success.

Overnight Successes Who Weren’t

Before the Beatles became an overnight success, they had performed over 1,200 live shows. If they played one show a night without ever taking a break that would be 3 years and 3 months of back to back shows. Slow and steady won the race.

The video game Angry Birds was the 52nd video game produced by Rovio during a 8 year period.

James Dyson produced 5,126 vacuum cleaner prototypes that were not popular before creating the one he is now famous for.

And the tried and true workhorse of every toolkit, WD-40, was the 40th recipe. The first 39 didn’t work.

Microsoft was founded in 1975. Their historic contract with IBM came in 1981, six years later.

The Moral of the Story

Slow and steady wins the race, but please do not let that get in your way.

The best time to start whatever it is that you’re starting is 10 years ago. The second best time is now.

Inbound Marketing will Help You

Is now the time for you to get started?

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