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Implement Your Customers Buying Process into Your Content Marketing Implementation

Make it Easy for Your Prospect to Decide and Buy

A recent post in states that Content Marketing can help you simplify your customers buying process.

The article is spot on, but the title is backwards.

To make it easier for your customer to buy from you, understand and implement their buying decision process within your Inbound Marketing efforts.

If you don’t know the decision process your customers go through in the process of becoming your customer, you need to find out.

The way you do that is quite simply by asking.

Either pick up the phone and call some, or use Survey Anyplace to conduct a survey.

A pattern will emerge. You will see common themes and a common process prospects follow. Not all prospects, but most.

Then you can follow the advise of Angela Vuona (who wrote the article linked to above) and implement your prospects buying process within your website.

It will feel very natural to them because it’s the process they’re following anyway.

The joke in the image above this post is just a joke, but what makes it funny is the fact that those kind of “flows” actually exist.

While it’s funny when it’s in a cartoon, it’s not funny when you’re trying to gather more information about a product or service you’re interested in buying and you find yourself in a situation where “you can’t get there from here”.

Since you want better, you know your prospects do too.

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