Google updates their search algorithm (on average) more than once a day. Some updates are more significant than others, but updates are literally daily.

If you’ve obtained a high search ranking through the use of what are called black hat or grey hat “tricks” you should worry about this, as these various tricks are being made ineffective as time goes by.

On the other hand, if you participate in true Inbound Marketing, don’t even bother thinking of these algorithm updates, just keep generating quality and useful content, participating with people who leave comments on your web posts, and offer to guest post on other websites for purposes of creating proper (organic) back links. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Google has been saying for the entire 15 years of their existence, that what they want to see rank highly is high quality content. Content real people will find useful and interesting.

The algorithm updates are their attempts to tune the algorithm to filter out low quality content. Nothing more.

So long as your Inbound Marketing efforts focus on the generation of content, and do not focus on the use of things that have the feel of “tricks” you’ll be OK.

There is however one important aspect of doing it right which causes people to use tricks. Doing it right takes time and effort.

If you find a trick to obtaining a high search ranking that feels “too easy”, trust your gut that it will probably cost you in the long term.

When you and your business need results with longevity, you need to do it right.


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