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This is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is about creating strong SEO meta descriptions.

Bear in mind that the meta description you write is the first thing that someone see’s on or aboput your website.

They’ve done a search, they’re looking at a search engine result page and every listing on the page has a title, a URL, and a meta description.

And your meta description needs to say some form of “Pick me”.

A format of meta descriptions that tends to be very effective is where you ask a question and then imply that you have an answer.

I’ll use an example.

Let’s say that you’re looking for swimming lessons in Redwood City for your kids.

Now this is not an industry that I’m familiar with so the example I’m going to give you may not be spot on, but it gives you an idea.

So the question part could be something like “Need swimming lessons in Redwood City for your kids”?

And the implication that you have an answer could be something like “Creating water safe children for…” or “Creating water safety in your children for…”.

And then dot dot dot. Just let it trail off.

And you want the implication you have an answer to be relatively vague so different people might interpret it in different ways.

It could be “for water safety”, it could be “for preparation for competitive swim teams”, it could be for whatever.

But the main point is you ask a question, and then you imply that you have an answer. And I personally like the dot dot dot because it kinds of trails off and if they want to follow that train of thought they click through to your website to see what you have to say.

So that’s the basic idea.

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