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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University and today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is somewhat intentionally misnamed.

The title is… How to stop wasting money on Facebook boosts.

What it’s really about is how to stop wasting money on unfocused marketing efforts.

I want to introduce two concepts here. One is The Buyers Journey and the other is The Sales Funnel.

The buyers journey is the decision making process your customers go through in the course of becoming a customer, from when they first develop an awareness that they have an issue or problem that needs solving in some way, that you have a potential solution to their problem, that what you have does in fact work and is relevant to them, up to the point of them actually becoming your customer, completing the transaction.

So the buyers journey is the decision process that the buyer goes through.

When you flip that upside down, that is your sales funnel.

Your sales funnel is the step by step decision making process that your buyers go through.

And the reason these concepts are important is if you ask someone to take too big of a step, they won’t do it.

And to illustrate the point, nobody has bought a car by simply walking into a car dealership and saying… “Oh that’s a nice one. I’ll take it”.

Now maybe there are some people who have done that, but it’s a very rare behavior. If people do it at all.

So you have to collect information and go through the buyers process before you complete the transaction.

So the title of the post, which is “How to stop wasting money boosting Facebook boosts” is really about…. What are you boosting for?

What’s your purpose? What’s your intention?

You need to be walking your prospects through the buyers journey one step at a time.

And unfocused Facebook boosts tend not to do that, and therefore are for the most part, ineffective.

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