Video marketing strategy tips for small businesses

How to prepare a video marketing strategy for your business

Why do most small businesses fail to attract viewers and generate leads with video marketing? Because they’re not only doing it wrong, they’re thinking about it wrong.

Video is not something you do once or twice and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Video marketing is a form of blogging. As with ALL forms of blogging, frequency and consistency matter.

To make video marketing work, you have to figure out how do it as cheaply and easily as possible. Very few small business can afford to produce 2 or 3 professional videos a week at a cost of $500 per video. But that should not stop you.

Life is an unending series of trade offs and for most small businesses producing frequent short videos that are NOT necessarily highly polished produces MUCH better results than the monthly highly polished video.

So when you put together your video marketing strategy, think “short, focused, frequent”. It is THE #1 factor in helping attract your audience.

The following are some important factors when preparing your video marketing plan 

What’s your goal?

Understand the “what” that you want to accomplish. The next step is to identify your target audience (the who). It is very significant to start by understanding what you want to achieve before who you want to reach. Be very clear about this, as it will drive other decisions.


Your preparation for your video should work within strict deadlines. When do your videos need to go live? Knowing this will drive your budget and the quality you want to achieve.

Production Logistics

What camera (or smart phone) will you use?

How will you provide proper lighting?

How will you edit the video?

How will you create the required video file formats?

How will you do all this so you can have a video ready to publish 60 minutes after doing the shoot?

There are easy (and various) answers to these questions. You need to map this out so you have a consistent process.

Video deployment

Will the video be fixed on your website, on YouTube and your website, on Facebook, or in your email campaign?

Depending on the use of your videos, you will know the formats of your video files.

Available resources

Make sure to have appropriate gears for your videos. The gear doesn’t need to be fancy. In case you have not seen the famous “All by myself” parody video, he shot it on his iPhone, edited it on his MacBook, and published it to YouTube while waiting for his next flight.

Who will manage your project?

This is much more critical than it may sound. If no one is responsible to pull this together (and has the time and resources to do it), it won’t get done. Select an individual to be in charge of your video production. He or she is going to be the point person on your project.

You will come up with video topic ideas together, and they will then be responsible to pull everything together. Get people to the shoot, do the editing, etc.

Never ignore the power of video testimonials. For some businesses this is easier said than done, but figure out a way to get customer testimonials on video. If your customers come to you, have a space setup in your office to capture them. If you provide a service in your customer’s homes this is harder to do and takes longer, but the benefits are enormous.

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