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How to Know if Your Inbound Marketing Service Knows Their Stuff

Selecting an Inbound Marketing Agency

A leading business publication on the Internet recently published an article titled

There are five criteria presented, all of which make sense to some degree. They are:
  • They have credible, up-to-date qualifications and industry knowledge
  • They implement the best practices they preach on their own company brand
  • They show you evidence of what they’ve been doing
  • They offer sound recommendations based on expertise and experience
  • You see results

So how do YOU measure them against those criteria?

My issue (if that’s the right word) with these criteria is most of them are hard for a potential client to determine.

If you’re in the business of auto repair, no one expects expects you to be up on Inbound Marketing industry knowledge so how would you be able to determine if their qualifications are up to date? How can you know if the recommendations they offer are sound and are based on expertise and experience? Of course you’re shopping for an agency, so by definition they have not shown you any results. They will have this opportunity only if your hire them.

What criteria stands out?

Let me suggest the top criteria are….

  1. They’ve produced results for others.
  2. They seem ethical.

The first one is easy. Have them show you their success stories.

The second one is harder to judge.

One very important aspect of being found online is having been found online. Specifically having links from other websites link to pages on your website. However, this can be done in ways that are dangerous.

One way to judge how they obtain back links is to ask them, but once you know the answer, how do you know if it’s an ethical way to obtain back links or not?

That is the topic if the next blog post…..


Does your business need leads?

SEO Needs Link Building

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