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How SEO Fits Into Your Inbound Marketing and Internet Lead Generation Efforts

SEO is a Necessary Prerequisite

SEO is an integral part of every Inbound Marketing effort, but when people talk excessively about SEO rather than Inbound Marketing you should take pause. Something is wrong.

Houses have foundations, but if you were house shopping and the Realtor talked excessively about the foundation you would think something was not right.

To Inbound Marketing, SEO is foundational. It must be there, but in and of itself it’s not enough.

How do SEO and Inbound Marketing Differ?

SEO refers to the technical aspects of making it easy for the search engine spiders to find and crawl your site.

While optimizing your site to be easy to find and crawl is critical, you must also create and publish useful and interesting content.

There are plenty of SEO consultants who will optimize your existing content, but do not assist you in any way with the creation of new content.

Alternatively there are a lot of content creation services who do not see SEO as part of their deliverable. They provide you an article in a Word Document, which someone else then formats as a WordPress post.

The problem for you is you need a steady stream of stories and articles that are interesting and useful, AND you need those stories to be properly formatted for strong SEO.

How do you bridge this gap?

Step 1: Knowledge

Whether someone within your business creates your content or you hire an outside services, step 1 is not only knowing you need both, but having knowledge of what proper SEO formatting is.

Otherwise how can you evaluate what someone else does or does not know?

Step 2: Quality Control

Better known as the spot check. It’s the same process used on assembly lines. You can’t pull every unit off the line and check it, but you do so every X units (1 in 10, 1 in 20, etc). When you find a problem you stop production, fix the issue, then resume.

Independent of who is creating your content, it makes sense for someone else to do a spot check. I’m planning to have a plugin written that helps automate this process, but for the time being this is a very manual process.

This makes sense because people sometimes let their standards slip. Not out of laziness, but out of busyness. It can be helpful to have someone else check and flag issues early.

Why SEO Often Fails

The business on whose behalf it’s being done has no idea what the people doing it are actually doing. Sometimes what is being done is ineffective (creating content without good SEO formatting) while at other times it’s downright harmful (buying backlinks).

In this day of outsourcing all non essential business functions, does it make sense to implement more oversight over your Inbound Marketing? If you believe it’s essential (as I do), the answer is a clear yes.

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