Native Advertising  vs Inbound Marketing

The very title of this post is a little misleading as it implies the two ideas are opposed to each other, which they’re not. In fact they’re quite similar in how they’re done.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is where an ad appears “in steam” along with whatever other content is being consumed. On Twitter, a native ad shows up as a tweet. On Facebook a native ad shows up as an update. On a blog, a native ad shows up as a blog post.

What all those platforms have in common in their primary business model is to attract an audience and sell ads.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is similar to other forms of publishing in as much as you attract an audience, but is different in as much as you are not selling ads. Rather you are selling your goods and/or services.


As Inbound Marketing is Business Blogging plus conversion, the form of Native Advertising most like Inbound Marketing are blogs.

The similarities between Native Advertising and Inbound Marketing is both are about attracting an audience through the publication of interesting and useful content.


The differences are merely (I know that makes the differences sound small, and they’re not) what is being sold. Ads vs goods and services.


Inbound marketing is in fact a form of native advertising, but it’s not generally seen as such because every blog post is a native ad. Every blog post is in support of the goals:

  • Attract an audience
  • Convert some into prospects

I find it helpful to think of Inbound Marketing as the most effective form of Native Advertising.

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