Evergreen posts are posts that never get out of date. They provide information that is always relevant.

As such, they help turn your website into a source of reference, which people generally find useful.

By making your site more authoritative, you increase your search ranking, attract more relevant traffic, and generate more leads.

Evergreen posts are a critical part of your Inbound Marketing efforts.

Zippe.biz provides Inbound (SEO) Marketing services focused on generating leads for your business.

Evergreen posts tend to be in the format of lists.

Examples are:

  • The 10 best ways to….
  • The 5 best uses of…
  • 12 ways to increase…
  • The 7 most imporant…
  • 50 best uses of WD-40 (to give a more tangible example)
  • 40 most creative uses of duck tape

Posts of this format work for a few different reasons:

  1. When the information is truly useful, it is memorable. Have you not ever searched for a post you once found useful and still remembered?
  2. For some reason, the human mind seems to love the ideas of a numbered list. Buddhist monks even wrote in terms like “the 7 types of pride”, over 1,000 years ago. This illustrates how long we’ve known how effective this format is.

It is not important to understand why this works, but to know that it works, and use it to generate more leads for your business.


When you need to learn to use evergreen posts effectively to generate leads for your business…

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