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I’m Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

This Inbound Marketing Minute discusses the topic of website structure.

Whether you appreciate it or not your website has a structure that potentially helps your website be found by people through organic search, or hurts that effort.

The structure of your website consists of two primary components are aspects.

One is the topic of the website.

I call this the golden thread and it consists of the website title, the website tagline, the names of the categories of the blog posts, and the titles of the blog posts themselves.

When you use a consistent set of words and phrases in those four things, you make it easier for the search engines to determine what your website is about.

The next aspect or the other aspect of the structure is the internal link structure.

Every blog post should link to some other thing on your blog post.

If you have a fairly random web of links from blog post to blog post, you’re missing an opportunity.

Instead when you build a hierarchical link structure, where you have a large quantity of what I call snippet posts that are short, sweet,  to the point, answer one question, or make one point.

And then these snippet posts link up to a tier of what I call pillar posts, which are longer, better researched, more thoughtful, contain more analysis.

So you have a large quantity of snippet posts which link up to a much smaller quantity of pillar posts, which in turn link up to a much smaller quantity of landing pages or squeeze pages, you create a hierarchical structure which, over time, gives greater authority to the pillar posts and the landing pages by virtue of the hierarchical structure.

So in summary, the two aspects of your website structure are the golden thread which defines the topic of your website to the search engines, and the internal link structure which gives authority to pillar posts and landing pages through a hierarchical link structure.

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