How do industry thought leaders help you with content curation?

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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute continues on the topic of Content Curation.

As I mentioned in the prior video, the best trigger I think you’ll ever find in terms of when you should and should curate content is if you read something somebody else wrote and you have a strong opinion about it one way or another, and you think you have something to add to the conversation.

The focus of this video is when you find a thought leader who says something that backs up something that you find yourself saying over and over and over again, that is an absolutely perfect candidate for content curation.

It’s probably an overstatement what I’m going to say next, but it’s almost as if content curation was invented for those opportunities.

So that’s the main point of this video.

Content curation comes into its own when a thought leader in your industry backs up something that you find yourself saying over and over and over again.

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