Simply Put, Do Not EVER Buy Backlinks

Prior posts discussed the nature of link building efforts, and presented concrete examples on the spectrum of techniques people use. The prior posts all discussed acceptable link building methods (a few were left out and will appear in future posts).

This post describes places you should NEVER go, and things you should NEVER do.

The prior posts are:

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Why Buying Links is a Terrible Idea

Simply put, because it is the primary practice Google is shutting down as they update their algorithm. Google rightly feels buying links is a web SPAM technique. If they still allowed link buying it would mean the websites that can buy the most links will achieve the highest rankings and that is NOT any indication of the quality of the content.

How Does Google Know You’ve Bought Links?

While the actual way they know is not something they reveal, it’s fairly easy to identify a few ways they might know.

Bear in mind as your read the scenarios below that Google does very large scale pattern recognition and statistical analysis. They make “big data” look small.

Purchased Links from Guest Blogging

Have you ever written a guest blog post? If so, how many have you ever written? 10? 20? 50?

Businesses who sell backlinks via guest blog posts have the issue that every post is authored by someone.

There is a reasonable limit to how many different websites any one author guests posts on and how many guest posts any one author generates in a week, month, year, etc.

It’s reasonable to believe that if you publish on “too many” sites, or “too often” that you’re gaming the system.

Purchased Links from Link Networks

Link networks primarily work in one of two ways.

Backlinks via a sidebar widget

When you install one of these widgets on your website you leave a very clear and definite signature on your website.

Backlinks via a directory server

A directory server is a server that contains a directory of some sorts (similar to which contains thousands of outbound links. Google knows what sites link to yours. If a known directory server does, they know.


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