For your Google search rankings, PageRank still matters. It is no longer THE search signal and has not been for many years, but is still an important search signal.

PageRank is the popularity contest part of the Google algorithm where your ranking increases as more websites link to yours and higher authority websites link to yours.

The question is…. Is guest posting a viable way to obtain links to your website or will Google see these links as “unnatural” and will this strategy backfire? provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

As with many questions relating to local SEO marketing, the answer is: it depends!

As with the publishing of content to your site, if you sacrifice quality to increase quantity, you will suffer as a result.

Back links from websites that are on the same or a similar topic as yours are high quality and will increase your ranking.

Back links from websites on a different topic that original within a post or paragraph on the same topic are also of value.

However, back links from websites where the connection is dubious actually hurt your ranking as they look unnature.

A website about ice cream with a link to a website about hang gliders look unnatural, unless you linguistically bridge well, but that may be a touch connection to make.

Simple rule of thumb: if it seems unnatural to you, it’s unnatural and don’t do it.

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