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Guest Blogging is STILL an Effective Way to Build Credibility, Authority, and Backlinks

Not All Guest Blogging is SPAM

In spite of what Matt Cutts said, not all guest blogging is SPAM.

Guest blogging is a respectable way to increase visibility (as well as to obtain backlinks) when it’s done on reputable sites.

If the Huffington Post invites you to write for them, are you going to refuse?

SPAM Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is being targeted by Google as a SPAM tactic because it’s become one. Guest blogging for links has become a quantity over quality activity, where the number of backlinks is deemed more important than where they come from.

Guest blogging on low quality websites should be avoided. Not because guest blogging is bad, but because low quality website are low quality.

Quality Guest Blogging

But guest blogging on high quality sites is to be embraced.

A very good way to measure whether you’re perceived as an authority in your area of expertise is to request guest blogging opportunities. When doing so you must submit samples of what you’ve previously written.

When people accept you, you’ve started building your reputation. Your personal brand so to speak.

Getting Started

First understand “slow and steady wins the race”

On average in takes 5 to 8 years to become an overnight success. I’ve spoke with people who write for and and it took them years to obtain those writing opportunities.

However do not despair. If you truly want to write for those publications, it will take years. But even if you never do, what you do while moving in that direction will increase your online presence and raise the visibility of your website.

That is what you’re after.

Start first on your website

First, publish several hundred articles on your website, and yes I did say several hundred. That is not as hard as it sounds when you follow the following approach:

  • Most posts are short snippets of 200 to 250 words that answer one question or make one main point.
  • Every 10th or perhaps 20th post is a longer better researched pillar post of 600 to 1,000 words that tells a story in 4 or 5 ideas that flow from one to another.

In this way, you can (and should) publish 2 or 3 posts a day, which has the added value of greatly increasing the rate at which visitors arrive on your site via organic traffic (sites that are updated multiple times each day have far greater organic traffic than sites updated less often).

Then Move to Minor League Publications

By minor league, I mean the publications that are not top tier, such as the Huffington Post, or any industry specific websites you would love to write for.

Not being an expert in your industry I’m not sure which publications are those ones, but for me I do not start with In my industry they quality as a major league publication.

Then Move to Larger Better Known Publications

Once you’ve created a reputation with the smaller less known publications, use that as your portfolio for approaching the big boys, and don’t be afraid to be persistent. They receive requests every day. Just keep knocking until someone answers.

Finding Opportunities

There are basically two ways:

  1. Make a list of websites you know.
  2. Use an automated tool such as and, both of which work together. LinkProspector is really cheap. Maybe $2 per query. And BuzzStream has a $19 a month subscription level which is adequate when you’re just starting.

Tracking Results

This is the true power of BuzzStream. It acts as a CRM system of sorts for guest blogging and link promotion opportunities.

In my mind, BuzzSteam takes a task (tracking requests and replies) that is so overwhelming as to be impossible, and makes it merely a matter of entering and tracking details. You still have to do the work, but you don’t lose track of where you left off.

Ready to Get More Serious?

Learn more about the power of Inbound Marketing and how it has the potential to transform your business.

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