You Want Leads?

You’ve heard of Inbound Marketing? SEO? Search Marketing? Content Marketing?

While those terms do not mean exactly the same thing, they’re all similar.

Well…… If you want your website to have a high search ranking, and as such a high level of visitors from organic search, there is one thing you MUST learn how to do.

You Must Learn How to Dance with Google

Yes I know Google isn’t the only search engine on Earth, but for all practical purposes you may as well think and act as if they were.

In what we call The Western World, Google dominates search so much I find it useful to think of them as a monopoly.

So How Do You Dance With Google?

Perhaps a better question is what sites does Google rank high?

The answer is perhaps not surprising…..

Google ranks high sites that have a lot of high quality content that is updated frequently.

That idea however benefits from some further refinement or definition.

  • How much is “a lot”?
  • What is “high quality”?
  • How often is “frequent”?

In the same way that a dance consists of a specific set of steps you do, those details determine what specific steps you take in your interactions with or relationship with the Google Search Bots.

Learn How…

SEO Needs Link Building



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