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Social Media

This is the one where they blew it. BrightEdge is a digital marketing agency with some very big name big money clients (Home Depot, Microsoft, Adobe, Adidas, etc) and they have access to analytics data which allows them to have analyzed literally billions of website visits and their data shows less than 5% of all website visitors arrive from a social media site, whereas 51% arrive from organic search.

The payoff in Social Media is so low, I recommend you not spent much time there.


This is the one where they’re completely off target. Content yes, but more specifically your companies blog. The #1 activity that attracts your audience to your site via organic search (please see the section above about social media) is…..

  1. Publish a lot of content/stories that you believe will be interesting and relevant to your desired audience.
  2. Keep your stories short and in each one make one main p0int or answer one question.
  3. Format them properly for SEO.
  4. Publish them frequently, multiple times a day.
  5. Keep doing this pretty much forever.


Let me be very clear on this next statement because I’ve met people who have disagreed.

The look and feel of your website, the design, has zero impact on your sites ability to attract your audience via organic search. Unless of course it’s been designed so badly that basic SEO formatting is not possible.

However…… The look and feel of your website is incredibly important for conversion.

So while it is not a part of attracting your audience to your website, it absolutely is a part of converting visitors into prospects.

SEO Needs Link Building

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