The Secret to Success is Owning Your Niche

A recent post published to Famous Bloggers titled How A Small Single-Topic Blog Can Pave Your Way To A Powerful Blog Network is targeted to bloggers who financial goal is to sell advertising, but the advise given applies equally well to business blogs whose purpose is to sell whatever goods and services you sell.

When trying to get the attention 0f the search engine spiders, it’s important they have a means of figuring out what your website is about.

When you set your website title, website tagline, website categories, and then structure your individual blog titles such that the same words and phrases appear in all of them, you create what is called The Golden Thread, which does  very good job of letting the search engine spiders know what your site is about.

However, this tactic fails when your site is about a lot of different things.

The Long Tail as a Business Idea, not just a Keyword Phrase Idea

If you’re trying to compete against Starbucks, you’ll lose.

On the other hand if you fill a niche Starbucks doesn’t, you can ride their coat tails.

For Example: Hearst Publishing

In the spirit of everything old is new again, this is not a new concept and predates the Internet by decades if not centuries.

George Hearst, the father of William Randolph Hearst, bought the San Francisco Daily Examiner in 1880, and in 1887 turned it over to his then 23 years old son William Randolph Hearst.

Young William seemed to get this long tail concept at an early age and started expanding Hearst Publishing using this idea.

In 1903 they started Motor magazine.

In 1905 they acquired Cosmopolitan.

In 1911 they acquired Good Housekeeping.

It Will Work for You Too

Independent of what your niche is, when you fill it well and are the dominate product/service in that niche, you’ll do well. Once your first niche is up and running, you can expand into another.

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