Keyword Research is NOT the Key to Your Success

There was a day when a successful Inbound Marketing effort started with keyword research.

However, the beginning of the end of the use of keyword phrases is a Google update named Hummingbird.

I’m not saying keyword research is fully irrelevant. I am saying it’s less relevant than it used to be and it will become even less relevant in the future (as Google rolls out more Hummingbird updates).

So if keyword research is NOT the magic bullet, what is?

The Question is the Problem

The question above implies there is a magic bullet, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for the magic bullet I may have bad news for you. There is one, but it doesn’t look very magical.

The following quote is attributed to Thomas Edison.

“Most people don’t recognize opportunity when it comes, because it’s usually dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work.”

The Magic Bullet

The magic bullet of successful Inbound Marketing is hard work and repetition.

Write, schedule, publish. Do it again. And again. Keep doing. Do it after you’re sick of doing it. Do it more. And more still.

Write good stuff. Ask for links. Accept the rejection of silence. Ask more people. Keep doing this.

Is That All?

Actually no. No only do you need to do the work, you need to know how to do it properly. Substandard quality generates substandard results.

Although in time you may figure how the precise formula to combine with your hard work, but you’ll save save and money by learning how from someone who already knows.

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