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Great Content is the Best Sales Tool in the World | How so?

A well known author who writes about sales (Marcus Sheridan) has said:

Great Content is the Best Sales Tool in the World

Why great content is the best sales tool is described in a prior post.

This post discusses how you use great content to sell your goods or services.

The basic idea behind what is called Inbound Marketing is that making it easier to be found is a way of generating leads and sales that is both easiest and cheapest.

Inbound Marketing in turn is built on a system of content and publishing. In a very real and literal sense, 21st century marketing looks like journalism.

The generation and publishing of content is the central activity.

How YOU use great content as the best sales tool in the world is to:

  • Generate and publish A LOT of content that is relevant to your product or service in various ways.
  • Publish this content in small bite sized chunks, at frequent intervals.
  • Use the paradigm that one blog post answers one question
  • Then keep doing this.

This simple activity will gather your audience to your website. As these people found your website through doing an Internet search, they have an interest in your product and/or service before they even show up, because if they did not they would never have shown up.

The next post in this short series discusses exactly what makes great content great?

Does your business needs more web traffic, more leads, and more business?

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