Video Being Removed from Search Results

In the last year, the instances of videos being contained in the first page search results from Google has decreased by 68%.

This decrease in search results containing video has been independently measured by at least two parties.

The question of course is why, about which I can only speculate, but will be glad to.

I am proposing it PROBABLY has to do with how people prefer to obtain answers.

Google Uses Human Search Quality Raters, and…….

I just learned yesterday that Google hires humans to act as search quality raters. They perform two functions:’

  1. Identify “high quality” websites for purposes of establishing a baseline for the engineers to know what is “high quality”.
  2. Perform a blind “taste test” for proposed algorithm updates where the rater simply says “I prefer the search results on the left” (or right) without knowing which search result was generated by which algorithm, the current one, or the proposed update.

This is a way (and a very effective way) of adding the human factor into search result quality.

How do People Quickly Absorb Information?

Text is faster than video. I really think it’s that simple.

As a supporting thought, there are A LOT of videos on the Internet that are absolute crap, and who wants to spend 90 seconds to figure that out. With text you can scan the text and decide if it’s worth reading in seconds, whereas with video it takes a few minutes.

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