Implementing HTTPS Does NOT Boost Search Rankings

A recent study published on Search Engine Watch answers the question many of us have been asking recently.

Report: HTTPS URLs Have No Discernible Ranking Benefit In Google Currently

And the answer is implementing HTTPS for the purpose of increasing your search rankings is a waste of time, money, and effort.

Although some of us may be disappointed, no one should really be surprised. Google did say HTTPS is a slight search signal.

Why Do We All Chase The Latest Big Thing?

Because we like quick fixes, instant gratification.

Sick? Take this pill.

Fat? Take this supplement.

Tired: Take this energy drink.

Boost Search Ranking: Implement SSL (HTTPS).

What Should You Do To Boost Your Search Rankings?

In summary, focus on and do the work. Grind it out, the way the rest of us mere mortals do.

Follow the tried and true formula of….. Publish a lot of useful and relevant content, in small bite sized chunks, at frequent intervals, and keep doing so until your crowd shows up at your website.

The strongest search signals are:

  • Quantity: Publish A LOT
  • Quality
    • Write for people
    • Format for search engines (title tags matter big time)
  • Consistency: Publish at frequent intervals, multiple times a day
  • Longevity: Keep on keeping on

When Should You Start This?

The best time to start is 10 years ago. The second best time to start is now.

When Should You Quit This?

Only if all your competitors quit first. And even then might a new one start?

How Do You Do This Right?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll teach you.

Does your business need visibility and leads?

SEO Needs Link Building



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