Travel agents, and the travel business in general is a perfect fit for Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is all about publishing useful high quality content to your website, that people who have an interest in later find. It is based on the power of organic search.

The reason the travel business is so perfect for Inbound Marketing is because many travel agents service fairly narrow nitches.

Travel is a very broad category.

Mexico travel is still very large.

Cabo San Lucas is narrower, but Golf Vacations in Cabo San Lucas is about as narrow as you can get, AND there are a lot of people who are interested in golfing in Cabo San Lucas. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

This concept applies no matter what your narrow niche is.

By focusing in a narrow niche, it is easier for you to gain search dominance.

Partly, this is another angle on what is called Local SEO Marketing. Generally the phrase means to market services within a local geography. In this context it means to market a location, which is a lot of what travel agents do.

Whether you specialize in golfing in Cabo, Disney packages, European river cruises, African safari’s, you can learn to use Inbound Marketing to draw your audience to you, to both learn more about your area of specialization, as well as about you.

When your travel agency needs more traffic, more leads, and more business, you need Inbound Marketing. Talk to us. We can help.

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