It’s an accepted narrative that the “big box phenomenon” is here to stay. To be competitive in any industry, you must achieve economies of scale and increase the “cost of entry” for your competitors.

Over the past few decades we have seen numerous industries decimated by this concept; hardware stores, book stores, coffee shops, even doctors.

However, as the Internet disrupts entire industries by bringing down the costs of many things, it is disrupted advertising, also by cost disruption.

Local SEO marketing is where you make it easier for your prospects to find you by publishing useful and relevant content to your website. Fortunately for you the cost of having and updating a website have also come way down.

Better still is the fact that obtaining a local audience is often easier than obtaining a global audience. This is because national and global brands market to everyone and go for the “lowest common denominator”.

When you find a niche that is under served, you start there. What that niche might be will vary from business to business and you know your industry better than I, but here are a few ideas:

Event Planning: Perhaps an ethnic niche (Indian Weddings) or specific popular venues.

Dentistry: I’ve seen a number of dentists who also provide sleep apnea services. How they go together I’m not sure, but if they do, go for it.

Auto Repair: Do you specialize in Jeep? Audi? BMW? You get the point.

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