The Core Activity of Inbound Marketing

Blogging is THE core activity of Inbound Marketing. Of course to make it sound more professional, we call it Content Generation, but it’s still blogging.

It is first important to understand that business blogging is not hobby blogging. Business blogging is a highly structured and systematic way of creating, scheduling, and publishing articles and stories (content) that are properly formatted for good SEO but written for people, not search engines.

Definition of Business Blogging

I gave an overview in the last paragraph, and in more detail….

Business blogging is the creation of a steady steam of articles and stories, published in fairly short easily digestible posts, at frequent intervals, on a continual basis, where the articles and stories are of interest to the audience you wish to attract, and are properly formatted for strong SEO.

Please reflect a little on how that description fits major newspaper websites.

From a technical perspective, newspaper and magazine websites are business blogs.

What’s Most Important About Business Blogging?

In summary, consistency and persistence.

Whether you’re doing this alone or as a member of a team, you (and your team) need to find your rhythm, and create and publish fresh and interesting content daily, such that your website is updated multiple times a day.

Since most of the time you will spend on Inbound Marketing is the creation and publishing of articles, finding a way to “crank out quality” is critical to your success.

You have to learn to think like a journalist (remember that newspaper and magazine website ARE blogs).

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