Is “Finding Your Voice” Keeping You From Getting Started?

I had a conversion with someone this morning who has an interest in generating leads for a business he owns, and he made one comment that struck me as somewhat backwards.

He said that in order to start generating sufficient content (to publish multiple times each day) he needs to first find his voice.

I tried to impress upon him that I see it the other way around.

Writing and publishing will help you “find your voice”.

It will help you develop a rhythm to your writing and publishing. It will help you focus on what audience you wish to serve and how you wish to serve them. The very process of writing stimulates thinking.

Have an Opinion!

Do not be afraid to express your opinion.

I read a lot of industry trade press that at the end of 800 words says very little and offers no insight.

If you know a basic truth, share it. Don’t be afraid if the bulk of people disagree.

For thousands of years we collectively “knew” the world was flat and the sun moves around the Earth. However knowing so didn’t make it true.

If the emperor has no clothes, feel free (with some diplomacy) to say so.

In Conclusion

The best way to start anything is to start!

Accept the fact that at first you’re going to suck at it. We all (most of us at least) tend to suck at every skill we’re just starting to learn. We improve by doing. We become great by persevering.

Rumor has it, even the Beatles were terrible the first 100 or so times they performed.

However, they kept at it, and by the time they became an overnight sensation, they had performed live 1,200 times.

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    • Doug Skinner

      I agree, learn by doing. One approach that helps me is to write in a journal daily. It gets the flow going when I write what I’m grateful for, and my TnT’s (acronym “Today, not tomorrow”) that day. Starting the first words, or sentence is made easier with this daily habit.

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