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Generate Inbound Marketing Leads Through Story Telling

The reason your Inbound Marketing lead generation efforts is enhanced by story telling is we are biologically wired to both understand and tell stories.

The most basic form by which people learn is from stories told to us by others.

That is why the following quote rings true.

Make the customer the hero of your story.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

At the risk of sounding rude, your customers and potential customers care very little about you, and very much about them.

For this reason, your Inbound Marketing efforts should paint a picture of the experience your website visitor should look forward to having. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Your current and future customers are looking for solutions to THEIR problems and for experiences THEY will enjoy, so publish website content that does that for them.

If you sell pet food, don’t talk about pet food, talk about how fun it is to enjoy YOUR healthy happy pet.

If you sell baby strollers, don’t talk about strollers, talk about the experience of taking your baby with you to fun and exciting outings.

If you sell boots, don’t talk about boots, talk about how nice YOU’LL feel in great looking boots, or how warm YOUR feet will feel in these great boots, etc.

If you sell cutting boards, don’t talk about cutting boards, talk about wine and cheese parties, talk about ease of care, talk about experiences where cutting boards are needed.

By doing this your website visitor sees how your product or service benefits them. You don’t need to spell it out.

Does your business need more high quality leads?

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