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Generate Business Leads via Blogging (aka Content Marketing) Copy

Generate leads for your business by blogging? Seriously?

If I was to tell you Content Marketing is effective and here’s why, you would listen. You’ve heard the phrase, it sounds professional, it deserves looking into.

Well surprise, surprise. Content Marketing is another word for business blogging.

A recent article I found claims businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than businesses who don’t. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but that is only if you are doing it badly.

When I first learned how to do this I increased the lead flow to a business by 30 times. Not 30%, but 30 times which is 3,000 percent. That is not a typo.

Now don’t get me wrong, “business blogging” is not “hobby blogging”.

Some people blog because they have something to say and an interested community who wants to hear it.

Your business should blog to generate leads! And I mean real leads from real prospects.

Why does this work?

When people come to your website via organic search, they are by definition interested in your product or services (or at least how you website talks about your products or services). If they did not have an interest they would never have found your website in the first place.

So blogging for business attracts to your website the most convertible people imaginable, provided you do it right.

When your business needs more traffic, more leads, and more business….. publish more often.

Do you need more leads?

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