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Generate Business Leads | Turn Your Website into a Source of Reference

Websites that provide useful reference information are “sticker” than website containing only posts about timely topics.

Sticker business websites ten to have more traffic and generate more business leads.

So how do you make your website sticker?

By publishing posts that contain useful information that people want to remember and or bookmark.

Have you ever found a useful website of reference material, forgot what site it was on, then later Googled in an effort to re-find it? You’re not alone.

Since those types of pages work for you, creating those pages on your website will work for others.

What are examples of useful reference type information? Reviews, comparisons, and lists of various types.

  • 50 best uses for WD-40.
  • 12 lifehacks that save you time.
  • Reviews of the 12 most popular cell phones.
  • Comparisons of different types of kitchen flooring materials.
  • 5 best auto repair places in your city.
  • 12 most effective pick up lines.
  • 55 local SEO marketing questions answered

I think you get the idea.

The examples above are on a variety of topics to illustrate this concept works with almost any subject matter.

No matter what you write about, there are opportunities for reviews, comparisons, and lists of various types.

Since you find these types of posts useful, assume your audience does as well and publish a somewhat steady of stream of them to your website.


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