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Focus on Process for Successful Traffic Attraction and Lead Generation through Inbound Marketing

To Achieve Outputs, Measure Inputs

Want 1,000,000 relevant visitors to show up at your website?

Don’t focus on the visitors, focus on the processes (activities and tasks) that cause them to arrive, not the goal.

Yes the goal is the million visitors, but when we focus on that, we sometimes lose sight of the day to day, which is where the magic happens.

For Example: Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Beatles

The Beatles became an overnight sensation when they were in their early 20’s.

What most people don’t realize is the process they went through while becoming an overnight success.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Lennon and McCartney had seven years of experience writing songs together.
  • They had performed 1,200 live shows.
  • In Hamburg, they sometimes performed 8 hour sets, every night for six months without a night off.

They put A LOT of work into becoming an overnight success.

The Same is True of Inbound Marketing

Focus on the inputs, which in the case of Inbound Marketing are:

  • Publish a lot of posts.
  • That are of high quality.
  • And publish often.
  • Where your posts are properly formatted for good SEO.

And keep doing this until the crowd you want shows up.

In the same way that the Beatles became an overnight success after (in their case) years of focused effort, Inbound Marketing requires months of focused effort.

However, when you do the work, it works for you.

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