Essential Tools of Inbound Marketing

As I talk to more and more people about the benefits of Inbound Marketing I find a lot of people who are looking for tools, with a perspective that good tools will do the work for them.

If you’re one of those people, I have bad news for you.

There are tools that help your Inbound Marketing efforts to attract your audience to your website and convert some of those visitors into becoming leads, but they may not be what you’re thinking of or looking for.

When you select the link in the prior paragraph, it takes you to an infographic that actually does a fairly decent job of identifying tools, but it has one gaping error and in another area falls short.

I’ll go through their five tools one at a time.


Email is definitely a critical marketing tool. For whatever reason, email marketing works. I don’t pretend to understand the psychology of why email is significantly more effective than social media, but it is, so I do it, and so should you.


In my opinion, this ones goes without saying or is included within what they call Content. If your content is not formatted in the ways the search engine bots consider “high quality”, you’re simply doing it wrong.


This topic is continued in a post titled Growing Your Business by Generating Leads with Inbound Marketing

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