Content Quantity vs Quality? Which is Better?

It’s a false choice. When you hear people talk about Content Marketing in terms of Quantity vs Quality, recognize it for the false choice that it is.

The very question presupposes that maintaining a high level of publishing output somehow compromises the quality of what is being published.

Although we (in aggregate) do publish a lot of crap (and by “we” I include newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, etc) there is no requirement for it to be so.

Quantity and Quality are NOT mutually exclusive.

You’re a Publisher First and a Marketeer Second

I find this is the most important concept for people who look at things from a marketing perspective to grasp. Modern marketing looks like journalism because it’s all about publishing.

We are used to thinking in terms of “campaigns” instead of “publishing schedules”.

In a way, Inbound or Content Marketing is one long campaign that never ends and is periodically adjusted based on various feedback and criteria.

How do Other Publishers Publish so Much?

There are TV news networks that broadcast news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are newspapers that publish a new edition every day. There are magazines that publish a new edition every week.

How do they generate so much content?

I agree some of it is crap, but most isn’t.

The way they do it is to be always looking for stories.

In your case you’ll be always looking for stories that are both interesting and USEFUL to your desired audience.

Useful in what ways?

You will help your readers either:

  • Learn something
  • Do something
  • Find something

That’s what we all do when we go online. How well your stories do one of those three determines it’s quality.

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